21 Sextury – My Sister Loves Anal Sex Scene 1


My Sister Loves Anal Sex Scene 1

My Sister Loves Anal Sex Scene 1 Estos 4 mujeres jóvenes no se conocen entre sí, pero todos ellos tienen la misma pasión por el sexo anal. A ellos les encanta tomar duras pollas roca de profundidad en sus culos apretados. Por suerte para ellos, sus novios actuales están bien equipadas y no pueden decir que no cuando se trata de follar en el culo. This casting was almost a case of the one that got away. This gorgeous young woman walked into my office seeking work as a model. She was slim, beautiful and she had a pleasant demeanor. She had no experience and had been working in an office job since she left school. She wanted change and I wanted her pussy on the end of my tongue. After we had almost concluded the interview during which I had hinted that I would have lots of work for her, I then blurted out that I wanted to have sex with her right there and then in the office. She seemed slightly taken aback and she asked me if I was serious. When I told her I really was she got all flustered. Then she politely declined, stood up and walked out of my office. I was disappointed, I had really fancied this sexy woman and I was dying to taste her sweet nectar. Rarely do the women I pursue resist my charms. When it almost seemed like I was going to have to let the cameraman lick my pussy so I could get some sexual satisfaction, there was a knock on the door. She had returned and she had thought about my offer and decided that she could not turn down this opportunity. Also she thought I was beautiful and she hadn’t realized how attracted she was to me. She was a little bit nervous as she had never been with another woman before. I told her not to be and I strode over to where she sat and we were soon locked in a passionate embrace. What followed was an amazing, sexually charged casting where I showed her exactly how to pleasure a woman and how to let a woman pleasure her.

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My Sister Loves Anal Sex Scene 1
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Date: julio 9, 2015